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After 10 years from making policy of perfect innovation, with non-stop- efforts from all BIWASE’s staff, the company have firstly achieved some encouraged results.

Quality of BIWASE’s services are always assured, customers are served 24/24 with water quality in compliance with health standards. Served area has been more and more developed.

Further than a simple development, we aim to a sustainable development. Beside main duty of water supply assigned by the PPC, we are also in charge of some other duties, such as irrigation management, to be employer of environmental projects, to collect and treat waste, waste water, to recycle nylon, cemetery service etc. to purify the environment which is being polluted.

All current results will be belief and motive for us to aim to a further development in the future.

1. Period 1975 - 1991

Before 1975, Binh Duong Water Supply Sewerage Environment Limited Company was originally a “Binh Duong Water Supply Center”. After that, its name was changed into “Public Work and Water Supply Enterprise” which was under the People’s Committee of Thu Dau Mot town. Only 04 underground water pumping stations were built at that time to mainly supply clear water for household, with total consumers of 2,000 connections including both households and offices.

2. Period 1991 - 2005

On 15th October, 1991, a state-owned form of “Song Be Water Supply Sewerage Enterprise” was established based on decision signed by Song Be Provincial People’s Committee, having main functions of treating, supplying and installing distribution water pipe for consumers. The enterprise had its own accounts and stamp under authority of People’s Committee.

On 01st January 1997, Binh Duong province was formally re-established (Song Be province was divided into two distinct new provinces namely Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc). Having changed the name for many times, Binh Duong Water Supply Sewerage Company was officially decided on 13th April 1997. The company was set up in form of state-owned company serving for the public, which was under direct instruction from Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee and supervised by Department of Construction in economic and technical aspects.

Since 1997, the province has implemented a renovation process known to the public for a famous preferential policy namely “red carpet welcomes all investors”. Based upon this policy, the province has gradually satisfied demands of investors and gained much trustworthiness from them as well as more investment increasingly rushing to the province. Many industrial parks have been rapidly set up which also brought about rather high mechanical and natural population growth rate. There are more and more workers immigrating from other provinces to Binh Duong for job looking and living making.

The company oriented a strategy for future development during that time. However, there were difficulties facing the company in production, water consumption and investment capital due to not many connections while self-accumulated capital was very restricted and credit loan was not planned, though the period was a starting point for a good opportunity in water supply sector and customer development for the company.

3. Period 2003 to present

Having made much efforts in the past, nowadays, Binh Duong province has been evaluated one of the fastest developing provinces through out the country. Components of GDP are as follow: Industry: 65,90%, Services: 23,88%, Agriculture :10,22%. Growth rate in 2005 was 15,4%. Thank to the development, water supply company also enjoys.

On 21st December 2005, the Provincial People’s Committee decided to transfer Binh Duong Water Supply Sewerage Company into Binh Duong Water Supply Sewerage Environment Limited Company (BIWASE).

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