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1 Investing, exploiting, treating and supplying treated water for household and production;
Developing and managing drainage system, irrigation works;

Collecting and treating domestic waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste for composting production;

Offices/factories for lease;

Producing purified drinking water and ice;

2 Civil engineering and prepair service for water supply – drainage system, irrigation works, civil house class III or smaller size, middle or low voltage electric wire, 35KVA transformer, public lighting system, communication route class III or smaller size.
3 Service supply and trading in materials used for water sector, recycling area, production, scrap, collected units from waste, equipments and tools;

Undertaking services for public works as: canal or septic tank cleaning, cesspool sucking, road washing and ornamental plants.
4 Investigation services, making the design and cost estimate and feasibility study for investment project;
Appraising the investment project, technical design and cost estimate;

Consulting service for bidding document preparation, contractor selection and making the environtment impact assessment.
5 Supervision service supply for construction works as: civil engineering or industrial construction, water supply – drainage system, irrigation works, technical infrastructure works;

Making the design for urban or rural water supply and drainage system;

Making the structure design for civil works or industrial works;

Making the design for medium or small size irrigation works;

Construction of waste treatment facilities, environment.

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