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Effect from school education programme

Date: 06/05/2014

Following success from School Education Programme 2012-2013 which received much attention and enthusiatic response from Department of Binh Duong Education and Training, Management Board of local schools as well as graders from these schools, the School Education Programme 2013-2014 with title “clean water and water environmental protection” have been carried out for 1.522 fiffth graders and 79 teachers of 16 schools in Binh Duong. Both teachers and graders have made study tour at Di An and Tan Hiep Water Treatments Plants of BIWASE.

Beside main content which focus un study tour, learning on water treatment process, these graders have opportunities taking part in other activities such as drawing pictures calling for environment protection, joining in team games on saving water, practising on filtering water ect….

There is a fact which we cannot deny that though these graders have already taught about water during their periods of science-environment, they still cannot imagine or fully understand on how important water is. Only by study tour, educational effects are mutiplied many times. This requires high effort from business who gives material supports to educational sector. One practical learning day will help graders to form and complete many living skills, in which awareness education of water and environmental protections is the first priority.

The last study tours at water treatment plants have received much support and enthusiatic participation. Participating units all have remarked this is a good and useful programme which brings much effect on community-society, all graders were too excited to join in activities and team games under the programme to improve awareness on protecting water source, saving water. The programme is expected to be more carried out in the future.

As scheduled, the programme is going to be continued for the coming school year 2014-2015 and it is expanded to pupils of secondary and high schools with title “domestic waste water treatment”. Pupils joining this programe will get to know on how to collect and treat domestic waste water to protect the environment. BIWASE will be a sponsor for all cost related to this programe such as preparation and execution, picking up and seeing off pupils, devices serving for the programe.

Some photos taken from the school education programe 2013-2014



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