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Gold Medal Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh: I am satisfied when I see my child laughing in a new home

Gold Medal Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh: I am satisfied when I see my child laughing in a new home
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Em Organization board meeting-Binh Duong Open International Women Tournament – The 5th BIWASE CUP, Year 2015

In the morning of Dec.24th, 2014, an Organization Board Meeting was held at BIWASE’s office. Purpose of this meeting is to present a plan and some preparation work for Binh Duong Open International Women Tournament, the 5th BIWASE CUP, Year 2015, which will take place from February 28th, 2015 to March 08th, 2015.
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A Competition of MC and Foods of 3 regions held in BIWASE in 2014

As much exciting as the MC competition is “Foods of 3 regions” made by male staffs of BIWASE. This is a chance for men to show their love to women on the Vietnamese Women’s day. All guests attending the competition really enjoyed foods made by amatuer cooks. Besides making beautiful regional decoration for foods, male cndidates also expressed...
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An Giang TV Open National Cycling Tournament 2014: BIWASE won prize for the Champion team

After 6 competing days, the tournament was closed by a final stage which is from Rach Gia city (Kien Giang province) to Long Xuyen city (An Giang province) with length of 75km. Prior to this competing stage, it was seem that 99.9 % of the prize “Green T-Shirt” would be won by rider Nguyen Thi That; all remaining riders only competed to win...
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International Children Day-June 01st, 2014, at BIWASE

On everning May 31st, 2014, at a hall of Binh Duong Water Supply Sewerage Environment Co., Ltd (BIWASE), a game show for children was held by BIWASE’S Trade Union and Youth Union to celebrate Children’s holiday June 01st. There were over 100 children including their parents attending the programe.
Date: 03/06/2014 Read more

BIWASE win the champion team of "To Dien Bien Phu - 2014" open national cycling tournament

“ To Dien Bien Phu-2014” open national cycling tournament started on May 01st and ended on May 06th, 2014. Total length of the “ To Dien Bien Phu 2014-People’s Armny Newspaper” tournament is about 555km with starting point from Ha Noi and finish in Dien Bien Phu city. All competing stages passing serveral historical place names associated...
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Preparing for a competition at Binh Duong International Women Cycling Tournament-the 4th BIWASE Cup-2014

The Binh Duong International Women Cycling Tournament-the 4th BIWASE Cup-2014- will be started with participation of national and international riders. This tournament is yearly held to celerate the International Women’s day- March 08th .As usual, this year, BIWASE cooperates with Binh Duong Television Station and Binh Duong Department of...
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BIWASE and “Party - New Year Celebration" Manoeuvre for Business Youth in 2014

In the morning of January 12th, 2014, an Opening Ceremony of “ Party – New Year Celebration” Manoeuvre and Getting Tet holidays together at Sports Center of Binh Duong New City. The Manouevre is taking place from Jan.12th to 19th, 2014 held by Binh Duong Business Youth.
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A Cross- Country welcoming New Year 2014

On the morning of January 01st, 2014, a Cross-Country welcoming New Year 2014 took place at a boundary of Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province with participation of provincial and department leaders, units, students, pupils and many others in Binh Duong province and from other provinces such as Ha Noi, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Dong Nai which...
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Closing Binh Duong photo contest 2013

Binh Duong photo contest 2013 with topic “Water-Environment and Life” hold by Binh Duong Liturature and Art Branch and Binh Duong Water Supply Sewerage Environment Co., Ltd (BIWASE) was officially closed on November 12th, 2013. After more than one month since the mobilizing date, photographers, with full of interest and respect to the contest...
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